Eriksson Media
Gustaf Eriksson

I’m a freelance Swedish translator and linguistic consultant trading under the name of Eriksson Media. I specialise in translation and linguistic review of marketing texts for global brands in software, hardware and consumer electronics. I also do some work for various EU institutions.

When I have an opportunity I try to help out at Translators without Borders.

I have been working within language services industry in various roles since 1999. Here is a list of some of the companies and brands that I have provided translations for in the past:

Apple, Google, IBM, GE, Braun, Lenovo, FLIR, Brother, Olympus, RBS, Fujifilm, HP, Novell, Sony, Pioneer, WebEx, Hewlet Packard, Kyocera, Toshiba, Kodak, AltaVista, ATI Technologies, Nortel, Komatsu, Nuxe, Daikin, Alpine, Lectra, SolidWorks, Western Digital, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Capgemeni

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